The Technology Corridor

  Have you ever wondered what drives innovative thinking? What makes some people successful in taking their imaginative thinking and developing it into a tangible product or service? How do some small organizations seem to flourish into large and profitable organizations? What drives people in certain organizations to work long hours and be passionate about it? Why do some very large corporations seem to still have the ability to constantly reinvent themselves and are leading the charge in industry? Why do some regions of the country seem to always be buzzing with entrepreneurship and excitement while others keep missing the boat or even worse, are in denial?

Welcome to The Technology Corridor! A place where individuals, organizations, and regions embrace innovative thinking, work in harmony, and drive their own destiny, their organizations, and their community.

The Technology Corridor is a set of consulting offerings developed by Bluewater Consulting that assist in making the necessary sparks develop in creating a creative individual and/or a creative city™. These solutions are derived from a complex yet harmonious understanding of the characteristics of individuals, organizations, and communities that adopt technological and innovative thinking and the ingredients that support these entities. There are certain aspects of public administration, entrepreneurship, economic development, workforce/educational development, culture diversity, art, city and regional planning, and leadership that needed to create this unique formula.

The Technology Corridor concept was first developed by Margaret Johns in 1995. The concept was published in her first whitepaper on the subject in 1997 as a graduate student in communication. In this first publication, she introduced a model known as The Technology Corridor Hierarchy™, which examines technology and its relationship with the Individual, Home Office, Organization, Campus, and Community. The second whitepaper was written in 2001 while as a consultant for the leading global technology and strategy consulting firm. The book titled “The Technology Corridor” will be available later this year.

Wondering where you rank as an individual, organization, and/or region on The Technology Corridor Hierarchy? Do you, your organization, or your community have the proper strategy of becoming innovative?

The Technology Corridor offers consultation to provide you, your organization, and your community with the strategy you need to grow and develop your area into a prosperous community such as Silicon Valley, Route 128, RTP, and Austin.